Kiran (Romania) & Jivan (Portugal) live tantra and meditation as a way of getting more grounded, real, present, aware, diving deeper into the infinite mystery of life. In the last 13 years they have been exploring and deepening together the tantra path (training with Radha Luglio- Tantralife), OSHO Active Meditations, body oriented experiential therapy (breathwork, bioenergetics, emotional release), shamanic rituals (training with Trance Dance International). They trained in OSHO Humaniversity as AUM (Awareness Understanding Meditation) and Social Meditations leaders. Kiran also trained in Watsu (aquatic bodywork) and Traditional Balinese Massage. Based on their own path, life experience, trainings and values, Kiran & Jivan are leading personal growth workshops on living consciously, inviting and inspiring participants to bring qualities like awareness, joy, gratitude, love and presence in day to day life, rediscovering and honoring their being, their uniqueness, their soul, their journey through life. Currently they live and teach in Bucharest, regularly in Berlin and also travel around, sharing their way of being and living with the support of Meditation, Tantra, rituals and other methods balancing body-mind-emotions. Besides Bucharest (RO) and Berlin (DE), they have been teaching in different communities from Spain, Poland, Czech Republic, Greece, Holland, India & the work keeps expanding as their journey goes on!


- Tantra: The Gift of Love & Meditation – 3 hours workshop  

- Ecstatic Shaking

- Humaniversity Social Meditations: AUM, Our Sacred Earth Meditation, Love Meditation

- Trance Dance Ritual ~ The Dance of Life

Individual sessions:

- Tantric Breathing

- Balinese Massage 

- Watsu ~ Water Healing 

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