Ida conducts workshops in Aura-Soma in Russia and in Ukraine and is a certified by the International Academy of Colour Therapy Aura-Soma ASIACT (Aura-Soma International Academy of Color Therapists). She has been a Reiki master since 2002 and has been leading workshops in Osho meditation practices since 2000. She is certified to lead the Osho Meditative Therapy “Remembering the Forgotten Language of Talking to your Mind and Body”. Ida conducts Osho groups, Sufi groups, and also Aqua-Floating - the anti-gravity meditation in the water. She is one of the masterminds of Osho festivals in Russia, and is now helping to organize the First International Osho Festival in St. Petersburg. In 2016, she was leader of the Osho Meditation Center Sophia and is one of the leaders of the Osho Meditation Center in Sint-Petersburg.


- Osho-meditation

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