Vatayana was born in Germany and is a long-time disciple of Osho. She has worked closely with Osho’s guidance as part of the team that has been managing the Osho International Meditation Resort in Pune, India. Vatayana graduated from the Institute of Health Education in Germany. She is a certified Osho Therapist and trains people in all types of Osho Meditations and Osho Therapies. She conducts groups, workshops and trainings in the Osho Resort, where she has lived and worked for nearly 30 years. Vatayana has acquired more than 40 years’ experience in working with people and is happy to share her skills by traveling the world and helping people to understand and discover their own true nature. She is head of Osho Global Connections in Pune and coordinates the opening and running of Osho centers in different cities and countries.


 - Training: Remembering the Forgotten Conversation the Body/Mind

 - Ind. Session:
 - Intuitive Tarot reading

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