SUBUTI, England

SUBUTI, England

Subhuti gave up his job as a political journalist in London in 1976 to travel to India to meet Osho and live at his ashram in Pune. He worked closely with Osho, handling the mystic’s Press Relations Department. He was also editor of The Osho Times magazine for several years. Subhuti has led many kinds of meditations and workshops at the Osho International Meditation Resort. He is well known in Europe for his expertise in The Enneagram system of nine personality types, and also for teaching “Inner Man Inner Woman”, balancing the body’s masculine and feminine energies. He is a specialist in “Re-Living Your Past Lives” and offers individual sessions and trainings to help others acquire this skill. Subhuti has written a book about his years with Osho, titled “My Dance with Osho”, which is translated into Russian.



Osho Meditations:

Dynamic, Chakra Breathing, Kundalini, etc.


Enneagram: Discover Your Personality Type.

There are nine different psychological types in the Enneagram System. Discovering your type gives you a deeper understanding of yourself and the way you relate with others.

Inner Man Inner Woman: Balancing Your Masculine and Feminine Energy.

Meeting your “inner man” and your “inner woman” can revolutionize your life, widening your perspective as to who you think you are.

Tantra for Beginners: Exploring how Energy Flows between Men and Women.

Learn how to increase your sensuality, enjoy more pleasure and move deeper into meditation.


I am offering a four-day training during the festival. This training lasts for 2.5 hours per day, for four days:

Training: Exploring Your Past Lives and Learning How to Give an Individual Session in Remembering Your Past Lives.

Osho has said that remembering your past lives is helpful for your spiritual growth. Through embracing your many lives, you gain deep insight into the forces that motivate your behaviour in this, your present life. And you can guide others to do the same.


Tarot Card Reading.

Experience how the Tarot Cards can shed the light of their wisdom on any of your personal issues, including love relationships, family problems, business decisions, personal growth.

Remembering Your Past Lives.

Take a journey back into your personal past lifetimes and understand the experiences that have given shape to your personality, as the individual you are today.


Talk about my life with Osho and present my book “My Dance with Osho” in the Russian language edition.

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